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What we're all about

How we started and where we're going.


The Seaforth Story

Captain Tom explains...

"The concept for Seaforth Expeditions was born while motoring a big sailboat through Seaforth Channel. The thrum of the diesel instigated my desire to sail more and to move naturally with the wind and tide. I dreamed of and giving people the opportunity to participate in a hands-on expedition where their physical efforts contribute directly to the creation of a peak life experience."

"A non-motorized mode of coastal exploration requires a unique vessel, so I commissioned a new design and built the boat with Dearden Marine in Gibsons BC. I am grateful to my family and friends who have supported me in bringing my dream to life."



Seaforth Expeditions’ mission is to deliver the ultimate hands-on coastal experience, instill a love of the sea, and be a positive force for environmental change.

We aim to achieve this through sharing the beauty of the coast and partnering with a number of research organizations; collecting data as citizen scientists. We will deliver an experience that inspires people to seek wild spaces and become passionate about working to protect them. As we benefit from the beauty, bounty, and wonders of the ocean, Seaforth Expeditions will do our part to protect, conserve, and respect all waters.




Tom McPherson, the founder of Seaforth Expeditions, comes from a long line of sailors, shipwrights and explorers. 

His career as a mariner began in 2001 working offshore on a commercial trawler fishing tuna. He has also spent time abroad sailing Tall Ships, and since 2005 Tom has guided thousands of people throughout Coastal BC and Alaska.

At Capilano University he studied Outdoor Recreation Management and later obtained his Canadian Coast Guard Masters Certificate from BCIT's Pacific Marine Training Center. He has built and rebuilt a number of small vessels, including a vintage racing yacht from the 1956 Olympics, In 2019, after a 2,500hrs of labour he launched his 35’ aluminum schooner Fast Eddy.

His passion is exploring our incredible coast and sharing intimate wildlife experiences with others. His broad range of coastal knowledge spans from the intertidal zone to mega fauna, and he is an expert at spotting wildlife. Founding Seaforth Expeditions is the culmination of his skills and passions as an explorer, outdoor educator, wilderness lover, and builder.


Joce 15.jpg

Jocelyn Eyre loves planning and coordinating events and adventures.

She has spent the majority of her career managing or serving in fine dinning restaurants and resorts in Whistler and the Sunshine Coast, as well as planning a variety of large events. Jocelyn has administrative experience and keeps things on track in Tom’s absence. She looks forward to connecting with participants. Her passions are people, music, fitness, nature and the arts. Tom and Jocelyn have 3 beautiful daughters together.

We are on the lookout for highly skilled individuals to join our team. Email your resume to


The Boat


In 2017, working with Dearden Marine and Dudley Dix Yacht Design, Tom commissioned the design for a classically inspired schooner to be built in aluminum.

This resulted in developing a very unique lap strake aluminum hull form. She really has a classic look, and with each plate being welded continuously to every other longitudinal, she is incredibly strong.



  • Spared Length 41’

  • LOD 35’3”

  • DWL 33’5”

  • Beam 8’3”

  • Displ 5532lb

  • Draft 5’7” 

  • Sail Area 605 sq/ft

With her fine entry, shallow draft, and low displacement our boat is designed to access rarely explored anchorages, and provide a comfortable wilderness camping experience.

The boat has many unique safety features built in. Under the cockpit sole, there are ice boxes for cold food storage, water tanks, and enough foam to make the boat inherently buoyant. She has massive water clearing capabilities in the self-draining cockpit through the swing keel slot and a large drainage channel running into the motor well. For emergency situations we carry an auxillary outboard motor. In the cabin there is a toilet, holding tank, sink, stove, v-birth and more storage space. It has 8 rowing stations and each seat doubles as a watertight compartment and storage space for personal gear.