A Busy Spring


The Commute, Floatplane Style.

When I'm not working on launching Seaforth Expeditions, I manage to stay very busy leading adventures for other tour operators, and swing a hammer for local contractors when I'm home. In April I helped get the Ocean Light 2 (Ocean Light 2 Adventures) ready for her 2018 season. In May I did some construction, and then spent 2 weeks bear guiding in the Khutzymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary for Ocean Light 2 Adventures. In June I bounced back and forth between Haida Gwaii and the Khutzymateen. In July I'm booked to spend 3 weeks sailing and exploring Haida Gwaii on the Ocean Light 2, so the build on my new boat is pretty slow these days, but I'll get back at it in August when I have a bit of time off again.


Tom McPherson