Pre-Launch Party Details

Join us for a fun evening to learn about Seaforth Expeditions, our entrance into the Race to Alaska, and the recreation opportunity we plan to bring to the Sunshine Coast.

MC Peter Metcalf

List of events so far:

Video presentation. Captain Tom shares some of his Coastal highlights and time-laps video of building his schooner.

Q & A

Meet some of our Race to Alaska Crew

Buy a teeshirt $25

Auction- Items: Day sail for 8 including fancy picnic lunch, Cedar Strip Kayak, Wildlife Prints.

Silent Auction: Quilts, More to come

Pre-register for summer sailing adventures and save!

Beat Captain Tom in a knot tying contest and win a day sail for 2. Bring your fastest Bowline.

Meet and Greet

To reserve your ticket call 604-989-0193

or pick one up at The 101 Brewhouse & Distillery

Tom McPherson
Captured a little helper.

Captured a little helper.

Despite working late into the evening every night, and all weekend every weekend, the stoke remains strong and I can’t wait for spring when she slips into the water. In the near future I’ll have the remainder of the rigging and plumbing. I picked up some beauty lead a couple weekends ago and look forward doing a pour, should be fun.

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Cpt. Tom

Tom McPherson
The Push is ON!

It was a busy summer and fall with many great wildlife encounters and lots of beautiful weather. I managed to get the hull painted and the cabin primed before the weather turned cold and rainy. I wish I could have been more focussed on the build during the early fall but we had a major home Reno that needed attention. So now that we are firmly entering the grip of winter my drive to finish this project is in high gear. The list is long but it fits well into my timeframe that I shall not announce… Spring

Tom McPherson
A Busy Spring

The Commute, Floatplane Style.

When I'm not working on launching Seaforth Expeditions, I manage to stay very busy leading adventures for other tour operators, and swing a hammer for local contractors when I'm home. In April I helped get the Ocean Light 2 (Ocean Light 2 Adventures) ready for her 2018 season. In May I did some construction, and then spent 2 weeks bear guiding in the Khutzymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary for Ocean Light 2 Adventures. In June I bounced back and forth between Haida Gwaii and the Khutzymateen. In July I'm booked to spend 3 weeks sailing and exploring Haida Gwaii on the Ocean Light 2, so the build on my new boat is pretty slow these days, but I'll get back at it in August when I have a bit of time off again.


Tom McPherson
Stage 2

Fitting out at home

2000 hours! At this stage she is a bare hull and primed with one coat of bottom paint. I’m finishing off the interior and rig at home. Now that I’m out of the warm dry shop a new challenge has come up with working under tarps through a rainy April, but the days are getting longer and it’s a bit easier to keep plugging away into the evening.

David Eade
Stage 1

In the shop Oct 20, 2017 to March 30, 2018

Some apples don’t fall far from the tree and I’m one of those for sure. My dad worked with John Dearden for 15 years, and built about 50 boats with him. I’d always admired their work and it was a pleasure to get to work with John and learn from him.

DEC 16, 2017 with Captain Tom

DEC 16, 2017 with Captain Tom

David Eade